Calvin Keyser-Allen


We all carry goals: Short-term, long-term, defined and not yet defined. Any worth-while goal requires clarification of the goal itself, identification of obstacles, and a plan of action. The coach’s role is to help create a game-plan and to help the client/athlete find motivation and clarity in the pursuit and achievement of inherent goals.
Mindset is pivotal. I see weakness, for example, not as an obstacle, but rather as an opportunity. If we pursue these opportunities, strength will arise. Developing mindset becomes a feed-forward process that in turn develops motivation, mentality and attitude.


My relationship with training is stronger than grandma & grandpa’s marriage. It’s personal and professional. I’ve been passionate about training my whole life, and have played most sports that can be played. I’ve trained, overtrained, de-trained and spent time untrained. I’ve worked with Olympic/Paralympic athletes. I’ve competed with and against world-class athletes in multiple sports. I’ve studied the effects of training, through college and grad school, and have helped high-level athletes as well as weekend athletes to reach goals and grow.


We get to choose whether we take short-cuts get things done hastily or whether we find strategies that we can use to achieve lasting results. Often goals we set are realistic, but the timeframe is not. I work with clients and athletes to developing perspective and strategies that create long-term wins in life.


  • Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, Willamette University, Salem, Oregon – 2006
  • Master’s in Biology, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden – 2010
  • Certified Massage practitioner, 2004 Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts, Santa Cruz, CA – 2004
  • OPEX – Program Design – 2014
  • OPEX – Assessment – 2014
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer, 2014
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Seminar Certification Staff, 2015


  • 2015 – CrossFit Open 1a – 7th place among European Competitors (~16000 men)
  • 2014 – California Interscholastic Foundation’s All-Century Team, Fall Sports
  • 2014 – Swedish National Champion – Weightlifting 94 kg
  • 2014 – 5th place, Torso Twisted, Team competition
  • 2014 – 5th place, LeMans 24h Throwdown, Team competition
  • 2013 – 1st place, Battle of Cities, Team Stockholm, Fitnessfestivalen
  • 2013 – 3rd place, Solid Open, individual competition